While there are many fast-track service providers in Marrakech, none are legal or licensed. Marrakech fast track is the only licensed fast-track service provider in Marrakech. All of the fast-track “service providers” in Marrakech are reselling our services.

The flaws that you’ll encounter when booking from an unlicensed “business” won’t appear until you’re in the nick of time and can not afford to lose any minute, in addition, the prices they choose are significantly higher than ours, which results in basically paying more for less, and what’s more unproductive than paying for an unworthy service. Marrakech fast track guarantees your satisfaction and you can expect professional treatment from our staff.

In order to distinguish us from other illegal parties, you will have to notice they payment methods they accept, or if they issue you a voucher and a receipt, or whether it has a physical address that’s clearly indicated in their website and email communication.

Booking from an unlicensed company will definitely cause you problems when you can’t afford to have any. And when you have a budget that you have to go by, you’ll definitely prefer a licensed company with a physical office with sales, assistance staff, and accounting. We pay our taxes, and we value our costumers enough to bump our prices. And if you happen have any questions, you can call us at our landline number shown on our website. Plus, our staff is extremely friendly, so you can call us and have a little chat!

Choosing the right fast-track service provider can make a huge difference, and will absolutely increase your productivity, as we guarantee your satisfaction, and being where you need to be on time.

Marrakech fast track guarantee your satisfaction

Fully licensed fast-track service provider

Marrakech fast track is a licensed and fully bonded fast-track service provider, under the Moroccan tourism authority license number: 44/17 We possess expertise in the tourism business that will change your travel experience for the better. We will whisk you go through security, and immigration and customs, and assist you with your luggage until you’re ready to board your plane.

You’ll be satisfied

Whether you’re coming back from a long flight and can’t wait to relax, or you’re going away on your business trip, Marrakech fast track will handle all of the necessary procedures and you’ll have a relaxing, and productive flight. The whole troop will appreciate our service, and your family will love going through the fast-track, no more waiting in long exhausting lines, and none of that “you’re late”. A huge service difference lies in this simple detail, when you book from a licensed company, expect the best treatment in the most efficient way.

Our prices are the best!

Marrakech fast track guarantees the best prices available in the market by a fully licensed and bonded fast-track service provider. Our services are better, our staff is professional, and our prices are unique. With Marrakech fast track, you’ll love your traveling experience.